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No organization aims to be average – leaders are always trying to make their employees and their company a success, and a big part of succeeding in business is happy employees.
Payroll Middle East will help to achieve your goals, we are one stop shop for all your payroll needs, we have developed range of products and service that fulfill all you payroll needs, if you like to do your payroll your self, we have range of product starting from Could Payroll to in-house payroll, our Outsourcing Service can do you payroll for you, send us the information and our team will do the rest for you.

Whether you want to implement in-house payroll we have the perfect solution for you,  our range of products and services range from In-House payroll system, to payroll outsourcing service and Payroll on Cloud.


Our Products

Payrollme-small Is a comprehensive and flexible payroll management solution designed for the Middle East requirements, Middle East Payroll was built form scratch to handle a complex requirements, it support multi company, multi payroll elements schedule for having more control..


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Our Services

  •  Payroll as a Service: Do your payroll or let us do it for, our dedicated professional will handle all your payroll calculation starting from collecting data to processing and generating payslip. Sign-up Today

  • Payroll Outsourcing Services: Our outsourcing services division offers a superior & highly affordable (low life cycle cost) turn-key, cloud based Payroll outsourcing services solution, throughout the Middle East. Our outsourcing services solution is cost effectively scalable to exact client processing functionality requirements. There is also no Software investment required! As a result of this excellent scalability benefit, our outsourcing services costs are extremely competitive & 100% viable for any business size, 5 to 1000+ employees, Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) & Corporate Companies, monthly salaries or weekly wages outsourcing. We can thus support your firm byperforming cost effective, full function payroll processing outsourced services off-site, for which you might not have the required processing personnel, resources or time available, or it is simply not economically viable for your firm performing your processing services in-house.
  • Payroll Software Leasing


Data Transfer -01Affordable
Our range of products can fit any budget, from enterprise multi-company environment , to simple a few employees small business with our Cloud Payroll and Pay as you Go.Learn more..

Payroll me, is simple product with that can fit any business requirements.

Cloud-01Cloud Payroll
Runs in your web browser no installation necessary.  keeping your data available and secure any time and anywhere.

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