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With so many bedside sleepers to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which product will be best for you. Ultimately, your chosen design should prioritize your sleeping goals and parenting style. Products range from co-sleepers to free-standing styles or travel crib conversions and each one has its benefits. We’ve included various options from each style to help you find the one that will best fit your lifestyle. BabyGearLab does not recommend using ANY “in bed” co-sleeping device or accessory designed for use in/on the parent’s bed.

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  • Naturally, the hood is removable in case you want to give the baby some space, and it can easily be put back to shade any distracting light.
  • Bassinets come in an affordable process due to their minimal size and light manufacturing material.
  • Dr. Harvey Karp, the well-known California pediatrician who founded the Happiest Baby company, designed the SNOO bassinet.
  • Choosing the best sleeper for your family can help make the experience a far more enjoyable one.
  • There should never be a gap between the pad and the bassinet edge of more than two fingers width at any given spot.

In general, bassinets should have a firm mattress and a tight-fitting mattress sheet. Infants should always be put to sleep on their back without any extra toys, stuffed animals, blankets or bumper pads in the bassinet. “The rule of thumb is, when the infant is active and starting to roll over, it would be wise to have the infant sleep in the crib,” says Pedulla.

Our Top 7 Picks For Baby Bassinets

Pay attention to the reviews, especially the ones that speak of the quality of the frame, and everything else for that matter. You should start to familiarize yourself with these standards before making a purchase, and also make sure the bassinet model you choose hasn’t been recalled recently. When buying a bassinet, it usually only comes with a fitted sheet. Blankets aren’t typically included, meaning you’ll have to buy them separately. We don’t suggest put too many blankets in the bassinet with your baby due to the risk of smothering or SIDS.

A Better Bassinet

Remember the saying, ‘There’s postpartum pants no such thing as a free lunch? ’ Well, that applies to getting a bassinet for your infant in flight. Airplane bassinets are simple metallic/ aluminum structures that are covered with a thin mattress and blankets. This is what will be in contact with your baby, and should be pulled out in front of you from a closed plastic bag. Excess light often halts the sound night’s sleep of a little baby. A canopy helps you to prevent extra shade to touch your little bundle of joys and get a sound night’s sleep.

So, a good co-sleeping bassinet should feature height adjustment so that when positioned over your bed, the bassinet is flush with your mattress. Other highlights of this bassinet are the breathable mesh walls, a side panel that lowers for easy access to baby, and a side pocket for storing essentials. It is on the pricier side, but the reviews (including from our Editorial Director!) are mostly great. However, one reviewer notes that the base is extremely heavy, so it’s not easy to move from room to room. This option from HALO gets space-saving points for its minimalistic frame and bassinet that swivels 360 degrees.

You don’t typically take down a crib to head to grandma’s house. Ideally, the bassinet will have wheels and be very lightweight. Many moms like bassinets because they allow you to keep a better eye on your new baby.

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They are rough and not waterproof, so not the best choice for a newborn baby. However, you can purchase replacement sheets, which is what we would suggest you do. Babies need a place to sleep when you’re on the go, whether you’re heading to grandma’s house for dinner or traveling to the beach. The Chicco LullaGo is our pick for the best portable bassinet due to its convenient setup and safety features.

Designed to perfectly fit the bassinet’s oval mattress pad, these fitted sheets provide a snug and secure fit. Keep your newborn close with the Beautyrest Deluxe By the Bed Bassinet. The bassinet’s modern z-shaped frame is outfitted with wheels, so you can easily slide the base under your bed to keep Baby nearby, while still giving them a safe, separate sleep space. When the time comes and you need to fly internationally with an infant, what do you need to do to be prepared? One of the biggest questions is when you are on a long flight, you will want to have a place where baby can get some sleep.

I highly recommend looking at when booking your flight, as you can review each seat. The benefits or negatives of each seat on your particular aircraft are easy to see – just by putting in the route or flight number into the search function. I also use the airline seat map to check it is correct by using and the airline website. Remember, it is only a request, and airline staff will do their best to accommodate you, but there is a limited availability of these seats. Cribs are the winner because you will use them longer than bassinets.