Payroll ME for Microsft Dynamics-GP

Payrollme-small is a comprehensive and flexible payroll management solution designed for the Middle East requirements, Our Payroll was built form scratch to handle simple to complex requirements, the parametrized configuration allow change the way and how the system carry the calculation for each element of the payroll, It support multi-company, multi payroll elements schedule for having more control.

Payrollme-small built using Microsoft Dynamics-GP native development tools (Dexterity), it run inside Microsoft Dynamics-GP for seamless integration with General Leger, Project Accounting, Manufacturing and Cashbook Management. and share the same features of Microsoft Great Plains including the ability for customization , VBA and smartlist.

Payrollme-small was built to handle simple payroll requirements and grow to support multi company with complex requirements including different calculation method for salary elements like Leaves, Overtime, Gratuity.

Product Highlights:

  • PayrollmeSystematic recruitment process.
  • Complete maintenance of Employee history.
  • Information exchange across users.
  • Compatibility with advanced time card processing systems like Biometric Recorders/Swipe / Proximity Card / impression etc.
  • Scheduling of user defined tasks and reminders (inclusive of passport / visa expires).
  • Multiple visa status maintenance.
  • Synchronization of attendance roster.
  • Automated leave processing.
  • Flexible component based salary processing.
  • Comprehensive accrual history.
  • Settlement and transfer history.
    EmployeeCard Attendance

Salary Fixation:


Flexible salary fixation and control, with unlimited pay codes, unlimited deductions and benefits. deductions and benefits can start and stop automatically by date where you can set starting and ending date, or by amount.

  • Pay Type: Support for both Salaried (employee paid a base salary) and Waged (employee paid based on the hours they work).
  • Pay Frequency: Manage multiple pay frequencies in your organization, supports Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly. Further filter your payrun by employee settings including department, class, location, pay date and country.
  • Adjustment Runs: Quite often adjustments need to be made to reflect corrections, or payments of one offs outside of the normal pay run. These can be easily achieved with an adjustment pay run, offering options as to whether leave should be accrued, and whether tax calculations should take into account other payslips within the period.
  • Payroll Approval: Review the detail and variance report comparing gross and net pay against the previous payslip. Approve and post with options to override pay date and posting period.
  • Autopay: For companies running payroll with minimal variations, automate the process between steps using Autopay. Select your start and end step and Autopay will complete the process in the background, sending you an email on completion.
  • Rollback: Full capability to rollback any payrun; from and to any stage. Rollback ensures all records are rolled back and year to date fields are recalculated.
  • Define unlimited number of salary components according to the types such as loan, advance, allowance and deductions etc.
  • Define unlimited number of deductions, deductions can be triggered by date, fixed amounts or percentage.
  • Salary components can be calculated in amount, number of days worked or on a percentage basis
  • Maintain complete history of all salary components provided to the employee from date of join
  • Promotion of employee includes change in department, position, salary components, facilities, leave privileges and other requisites
  • Compensation management to do what-if scenario for changing salaries and allowances by percentage or fixed amount.

Attendance & Time Card:

User-TimeMiddle East Payroll can interface and capture the data from any Time & Attendance machine, it analyze the data and create the necessary transaction in order to eliminate the data entryAttendance.

  • Session with multiple shift timings
  • Employee Batch Assign
  • Maintain Attendance Roster for different periods.
  • Overtime/Holiday OT definitions
  • Attendance Process (Biometric recorders, swipe/proximity card/ finger print scanners
  • Complete integration with payroll for automatic
  • Define Unlimited Calendar with different working hours and holidays.

Self Service & Business Portal:

247-SuppportEmpower Employees and Manager with full Employee Self Service:Dashboard
HR Dashboard and management dashboard
Company wise News Letter, Articles, Links and Events
Online application and resume submission
Complete Employee profile and history
Performance/salary review lists
Leave/Advance/Loan Application
Business trips and Training.EmployeeHome
Loan balance management
Pay slips and Bank transfer.
Workflow and approval process with email notifications.
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Technical Highlights:


Developed using Microsoft Dynamics-GP native development tools (Dexterity) for seamless integration will General Ledger, Project logo-microsoft-dynamicsV3Accounting and Cashbook Management.

  • Built in Screen and Reports Modifier.
  • Smartlist and Smartlist Builder to build custom reports and integrate with Microsoft Office.
  • Detailed security up to the filed level with full audit trails and changes tracking.
  • Business Alerts to monitor critical business issue and send alerts and email.

Employee Profile Management:

Users -01Personal details with photo, employment information, documents with expiration date and email notifications, dependent details, medical history, past employment details, qualifications, skills and soft copies of documents and certificates can be maintained, Manage roles and responsibilities, leave, facilities and components provided for various positions on a template for easily populating data regarding employee job nature

  • Maintain complete employee history details that includes employment related information such as employment details, work site, contract, sponsor, visa, leave, salary components and salary payment details from date of joining.
  • Protect employee critical information from accidental modifications and maintain complete history of changes with ability to restore past data.
  • Track Employee Dependents, with documents and expiry dates.
  • Track Employee Training and cost.

EmployeeCard EmployeeCalendar EmployeeContract EmployeeDeductions EmployeeDependents EmployeeDocuments EmployeeLeave1 EmployeePaycode

Leave Management:

User - Block -02Full leave management with 28 built in leave type and custom user define types, each leave can have different rules and policies and calculation method.

  • Leave  work flow starts with Request, Approval and Rejection.
  • Leave Compensation & Utilization
  • Automatically include or exclude holidays depending upon the leave setting and employee calendar.
  • Maintain entire leave summary of employee showing leave, absent, late days and overtime.
  • Calculate leave accrued using worked days with provision to view leave balance of single/all employee by department, position or division wise.
  • Provision to settle all balance encashable leave (E.g. Annual leave, Casual leave), air ticket and other deductions.
  • Settlement of advance and loan payments can be adjusted.
  • Calculation of final settlement based on gratuity benefits, position, salary components, facilities, leave privileges and other requisites.
  • Graphical absent calendar that show absent within department or same position.
  •  Leave Planning by employee, department and position.

For Employee:
Let your employees make their own leave requests directly in NetSuite. Employees get a clear calendar view of their existing leave requests, approval status and the public holidays that fall within the year, along with a point in time balance of available leave.

Requesting leave is simple. Enter your start date, end date and leave type (annual, paid personal leave, unpaid personal leave etc) then based on your working week and public holidays, the required hours to take the leave will be calculated.
For Approvers:
Easy to use intuitive interface to allow individual leave requests to be approved or declined. View summary information on your team’s leave requests, then drill down into individual requests to see a calendar view of all of your sub-ordinates in a hierarchy view. Easily identify potential overlaps and short staffing scenarios before approving leave.

Emails accompany all approval activity; and are clearly logged against both employee and leave approver ensuring a clear audit trail.


Payroll Process:

GearPayroll Period definitions, Monthly salary, Daily salary and yearly salary.
Maintain records of allowance (HRA, DA, TA), deductions paid through installments (loan/advance/insurance) for mentioned periods and others such as Loss of Pay etc.,

  • Adjustment of loan/advance/insurance payments during emergency situations
  • Provision to calculate/hold payroll process for all/single employee by department and position wise
  • Adjustment of salary components
  • Provision to view paid and unpaid salary details of employee
  • Ability to run payroll unlimited number of times, print trial pay-slips and various compression report.
  • Print Checks, Pay-slips.
  • email Pay-Slips and post pay-slips to employee self service business portal.
  • Generate Bank File and various bank transfer reports.
  • Generate WPS.

PaySlipBlue PayslipGray PayslipGreen PayslipRed

Advanced Features:

  • Text Edit Compensation Management, create unlimited what-if scenario to see the impact of salary or allowance changes.
  •   User defined statistical builder.
  •   Manpower Planning.
  •   Leave planning.
  •   Mass change and modify employee information.
  •   Integration with Microsoft Word to create employees letter and mail merge to send personalized letters and announcements.
  •   Full customization capabilities using Visual Basic for Application and Visual Studio .net.
  •   Detailed security up to the filed level with full audit trails and changes tracking.
  •   Business Alerts monitor critical business issue and send alerts and email

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